Gretchen Mura,

Photographer & Graphic Designer

Greater New Orleans Area Photographer for Seniors, Families & Couples.  

Preserving your memories, with my photographs.

My first camera was given to me when I was 8 years old, the night before our 3rd-grade class field trip to the zoo.  I have had many cameras since then and lots of photographs in boxes, albums, and even a suitcase. 

I have always been "the photographer".    My daughter and her friends called me the crazy camera lady.  I was always taking their pictures.  I loved photographing my family, my friends, and just about anything and everything that was in front of my camera. 

In college, I wanted to be a history teacher, but I quickly figured out it was not for me.  I switched my major to Art-Photography.  Life got in the way and I never finished college.  I still took pictures, even a few friends' weddings. Never really learning it, taking it seriously, until my daughter was in college. 

That suitcase full of photographs is my grandmother's, my family's memories, our history that I would never know if it wasn't for those photographs. Let me help you preserve your family's History!