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What you need to know about making your Senior Session the best it can be!

The key to a successful senior portrait photo session is, without a doubt, preparation. You know what happens when you feel frazzled before and during a photo shoot? You look frazzled! For that reason alone, don't wait until the last minute to plan all your details or get everything in order. 

Create a Schedule For Yourself
On the day of your shoot, it's important to budget your time. If you plan to have your hair, nails and makeup done, make all your necessary appointments far in advance. You can get your nails done a few days before, but your hair and makeup should be done a few hours before your photo shoot (with enough time between each appointment to get to your next destination). 

Preparing Outfits and Props
No less than a week before your photo shoot, make a list of all the props you plan to bring, as well as all the garments/accessories you'll be wearing. One by one, make sure you have all those items on your list. 


The Night Before
The night before, go through your prop and garment checklist again. As you go through the list, check the items off only after they are packed and ready to go for the following day. 

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